Frosted Shrinky Dinks®
With Recycled Materials Create Characters, Puppets and Stories

Frozen Food Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Scissors, Glue, Hole Puncher, Pipe Cleaner, Small Paper Fasteners.
Have fun creating imaginative characters, new original ideas for animals and people that will make you and your friends and family smile, and laugh. We will have recycled cardboard food boxes – and please save some from your house too, and bring them along to our workshop. Come listen to lovely music, and hum or sing along while you create.
See some characters posted here made of frozen pizza boxes, potato pancake boxes, cereal boxes, etc. with images of fruits, and veggies. Add some googly eyes, and watch your characters come alive! They can become puppets with moving parts. If you have time to make more characters, you can make up a short story and share it. Your creations can also hang in your room or be worn as wearable art.