Commemorative Plate

“I was there at this January 21, 2017 march. The little girls with their pink hats, dynamic signage and supportive parents impressed me so much!  This image was the perfect first exploration of a new to me historic technique called “émaux ombrant”. This technique is related to translucent porcelain Lithophanes. Again a recessed image was created in porcelain, but instead of back lighting, I  flooded it with  underglaze, celadon and clear glaze to create the tonalities. I learned that the Rubelles Pottery in France created imagery on plates, starting in the mid-1800, using this émaux ombrant technique, but used leaded low fire glaze, usually green,  in the center of the plates combined with majolica  glaze on the lip of the plates.”


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February 24, 2018