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  • Flutist Pitcher

    “The tradition of figurative ceramics is as ancient as civilization itself.  Stephanie Osser’s pitcher contributes to this legacy with its seated individual poised to play as well as to pour”.
    - Terry Gess, juror of the 500 pitcher images selected.

  • Ba Ba Blue Sheep

    Part of the Dinnerware Museum permanent collection, Ann Arbor, Michigan Slip cast porcelain with my original drawings made into decals.

  • Turtle Dinnerware for Children

    This is a dinnerware for Children, with my images created for a book called “All About Eggs” by Millicent Selsam. (illustrated and copyrighted by me).

  • Pair of Pitchers

    Collaboration design with the talented ceramic artist Masako Fujii, from Japan.

  • Cello Mello

    “Cello Mello” is the name of original music my dad wrote for Cello arranged for Orchestra by my father-in-law. 5 3/4″ x 4″ x 5 1/2″