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  • Commemorative Plate

    “I was there at this January 21, 2017 march. The little girls with their pink hats, dynamic signage and supportive parents impressed me so much!  This image was the perfect first exploration of a new to me historic technique called “émaux ombrant”. This technique is related to translucent porcelain Lithophanes. Again a recessed image was created […]

  • Birds Nest Server with Small Dish

  • Lithophane & Print Cup

  • Lithophane Cup

  • Lithophane box with 3 cups

    “ This lovely Maple wood box was created by Sandi and Dan at Sandcastle Woodworkers in Boston:  The photo and many of the images taken of my work is by my talented photographer Cary Chu.  The translucent porcelain Turtle Landscape lithophane and lithophane cups were made from the fine porcelain slip I was able […]

  • Lithophane carving

    Lithophanes are three-dimensional translucent porcelain plaques which when backlit reveal detailed magical images.

  • Lithophane Nightlight

  • All About Eggs

    My very first architectural ceramic composition

  • A Night at the Opera

    "After casting this image in plaster to make this tile I was able to use the plaster cast to create the following piece, "Marx Brothers Druthers".

  • Ba Ba Blue Sheep

    Dinnerware for Children called:
    "Ba Ba Blue Sheep", won 2nd place award at the Dinnerware Museum, Ann Arbor, MI show called "The Art of High Chair Fine Dining". The set is now part of the Dinnerware Museum's permanent collection of children's dinnerware. The set is based on a triangle, with nesting pitchers, plates, bowls, and cup. I often display it using LEGO bricks.